Parish Council Notes – June 2009

These notes are highlights from the minutes of the Annual Parish Council Meeting on 11th May 2009 and will be published in the Parish Magazine in June 2009.

The Chairman’s Annual Report

 Looking back through old minutes there are two topics which crop up with tedious regularity.
Firstly: Dog mess. Why people are happy to permit their dogs to leave mess everywhere? All the council bins may be used for the disposal of dog mess (enclosed in a suitable bag).  We shall be following up (again) with the dog wardens and prosecuting those caught.
Secondly: The Village Greens. We have continual problems with damage being caused to various areas of the village greens by residents.  We have started a process of clarifying the exact rights and obligations around the greens.  We will be submitting amendments to the register of greens and approaching a number of residents to seek clarification of ownership and rights.  Our legal advice is simple – prevent all access over the greens by motor vehicles.  However, we recognise that this would lead to difficulties for many and the possibility of extensive legal action.  Residents should be aware that the parish council is being extremely reasonable in its dealings with this matter.

Please refer to the website or notice board for the Chairman’s full report.

Planning Applications

The parish council have received notification of a planning application to erect a detached agricultural storage building at Moor Farm, Burton Leonard.  This application will be discussed at the next parish council meeting.  You are very welcome to attend the meeting, listen to the discussions and the plans will be available for inspection.

 Next meeting

The next meeting will be held in St Leonard’s Hall on Monday 1st June at 7:30pm.  Members of the public are very welcome to attend the meeting.

 The Chairman is Mark Snowdon

The Clerk is Rebecca Coates, 3 Burnett Close, 677963,