Parish Council Notes – July 2009

These notes are highlights from the minutes of the Parish Council Meeting on 1st June 2009 and will be published in the Parish Magazine in July 2009.

Planning Applications

The parish council have received notification of a planning application to erect a detached agricultural storage building at Moor Farm, Burton Leonard.  The Parish Council have responded with no objections.


Priority Treatment in case of a power cut

CE Electric have provided forms to register free for priority treatment during a power cut for anyone with special needs.  Please contact the Clerk for a form if you would like to register.


External Audit

The External Audit was approved and signed in the meeting.  The annual return and other documents will be made available to persons interested for inspection; an announcement of the details will be put on the notice board on 1st July 2009.


Next meeting

The next meeting will be held in St Leonard’s Hall on Monday 6th July at 7:30pm.  Members of the public are very welcome to attend the meeting.


The Chairman is Mark Snowdon

The Clerk is Rebecca Coates, 3 Burnett Close, 677963,