Parish Council Notes – August 2010

These notes are highlights from the minutes of the Parish Council Meeting on 5th July 2010 and will be published in the Parish Magazine in August 2010.

Mill Lane
The parking bay project works on Mill Lane are due to start week commencing 23rd August 2010, creating parking spaces for residents on the grass verge.  Signs will be put up prior to the work commencing for confirmation. 

Garden Waste Wheelie Bins
We are pleased that the new garden waste bins have arrived.  Garden waste will be collected every two weeks on the normal recycling day.  If, however, you do not require a bin, have not received a bin or have any problems with it please call Customer Services on 0845 3006091. 

LDF and the change of Government; there are no proposed changes to planning the future of the District.
Sites are being re-assessed and multiple sites have been identified (not allocated) in Burton Leonard, we will receive a paper communication by post in October 2010. 

Community Resilience Scheme – creating a scheme to enable our local community to start responding to an emergency/incident until other resources and help can be allocated to support us – presentation at our next meeting on 9th August 2010.
Robin Derry from Harrogate Borough Council is going to give a talk at our next meeting which should last about 20 minutes, we welcome people to attend and your support will be gratefully received. 

Dog fouling
If anybody witnesses a dog fouling in the village, please report the owner of the dog directly to the dog warden, who can be contacted on 01423 556633.

 Next meeting
The next meeting will be held in St Leonard’s Hall on Monday 9th August 2010 at 7:30pm, members of the public are invited to raise their concerns and observe the business of the meeting.

The Chairman is Mark Snowdon
The Clerk is Rebecca Coates, 3 Burnett Close, 677963,