Sports Field Trust

Dear Burton Leonard,

For many years we have had the benefit of having a village hall and sports facility, both have served our community very well in the past, however, both of these facilities require major investment to keep them fit for purpose.  There is a ground swell of positive public opinion that Burton Leonard should have “new and modern facilities”, if Bishop Monkton and North Stainley, to name a few, can have these new, modern buildings then why can’t we?

A group of like minded “Dads” have met and given this idea some thought and feel that this is something as a village we should consider and pursue, both the Village Hall and Sports Filed Trust members are very supportive of this idea, and I must stress this is an idea at this stage, but, we now need to find out what Burton Leonard think as a whole.

We must stress that this is very much at an idea stage and no firm plans have been put into place, we need your input as a Village, if the Village as a whole is behind it then we can pursue further.

We want to be able to provide clean modern facilities that are environmentally friendly, we want a facility that can provide much needed services that we have recently lost, a library room ? a crèche facility ? a hall for the school to use for school plays ? modern changing rooms for Sports and a Village Hall that can accommodate fund raising nights without the need to pay to hire in marquees etc etc

We deserve a new facility that caters for all the existing user groups.   As I said earlier, this is an idea and it will not work without your views and input.

We have asked the Parish Council to put this idea as an agenda item to be discussed at the next PC meeting, if you can’t attend and simply wish to express an opinion or idea then please feel free to email me on or drop a note through my door.

We hope that you embrace this idea and agree, like us, that Burton Leonard needs a new facility for the benefit of the whole village.

Thank you…..

Jonathan Baker