Parish Council Notes – January 2012

These notes are highlights from the minutes of the Parish Council Meeting on 5th December together with information since the meeting and will be published in the Parish Magazine in January 2012.

Vacancy on Burton Leonard Parish Council

Would you like to be a parish councillor and help to make the parish of Burton Leonard an even better place to live?
The council can now fill the vacancy by co-option, which is a process whereby the council considers applications from interested persons and can then select someone to fill the seat.  If you are interested in becoming a parish councillor, please write to the parish council and include a few details of why you would like to become a councillor.  If you need any information about qualification for being a councillor or just want more information about the role, please contact Becky Coates, Clerk to the Council at the details below.  The deadline for written applications has been extended to prior to the next meeting on Monday 9th January 2012.

Preparations for winter
We now have a new path gritter and some extra salt/grit.  We would welcome any more volunteers to help when the forecast is to snow/freeze.  Please contact the clerk if you are able to help. 

North Yorkshire County Council intends, after at least seven days from the date of this notice, to make an Order which will be to prohibit any vehicle from proceeding along the C378 Station Lane and C377 Copgrove Road, Burton Leonard, from junction with A61 Harrogate Road, Wormald Green to junction with Limekiln Lane, Burton Leonard in the Borough of Harrogate from 03/01/12 to 02/07/12 inclusive due to essential carriageway resurfacing, patching and drainage works.

Burton L Station R.16011 6 07.12.11[1]

The closure will be put into effect by notices and signs and a local alternative route will be signed on site.  It is envisaged that the works will be undertaken over a 21 day period within the above timescale.

Pedestrian access to premises will be maintained at all times and vehicular access to premises will be maintained whenever possible.  Buses will also continue to run.

 All enquiries to: Tel: 08458 727374 – Ask for Boroughbridge Highways Office                             

Letter from resident in Wormald Green
We have received a letter from a resident in Wormald Green (which is available to view on the website), raising concerns over the increasing speed and hazard through Wormald Green and at the turning into Burton Leonard from A61.  If you would like to help lobby and help make a difference you could: a) ring NYCC and voice concerns 0845 8727374 b) ring the police and report the increased speed we must have all noticed 0845 6060247 c) attend the next parish council meeting in Markington on Monday 30th January d) write to your MP Julian Smith.

11 Wormald Green Letter re A61 301111

Paul Bappoo and Mark Snowdon have planted all the bulbs again this year, some have been planted near the parking bay on Mill Lane.  We would like to say a big thank you to them on behalf of the village and look forward to seeing them in spring.

Next meeting
The next meeting will be held in St Leonard’s Hall on Monday 9th January 2012 at 7:30pm, members of the public are invited to raise their concerns and observe the business of the meeting. 

The Chairman is Marie Barker
The Clerk is Rebecca Coates, 3 Burnett Close, 677963,