High Green Irish Yew Trees

Following on from our previous newsletter, the general feedback that we got from residents was that the trees were important to most people and that any maintenance should be to enhance the future life and quality of the trees.  The previous suggestion of removing some of the trees was not a preferable solution from the feedback we received and therefore we have discounted this option.  It seemed apparent that although removal of trees was not preferable residents do want to do something to enhance and improve the trees.

Since then we have consulted with three more independent tree specialists for advice & suggestions to help make an informed decision as to the future management of the trees.  It was confirmed that the trees are indeed healthy with no obvious defects.  2 of the 3 specialists suggested that it is not necessary to do anything to them.  However, all 3 said it would do no harm to them if we wanted to prune the trees to make them look tidy and more uniform.  It was suggested that we could reduce the height of the trees by approx. 1.5m, to form a more common height level throughout the line.  This would lessen the current height irregularity between the bigger and smaller trees, thus creating a more consistent height appearance.  A wine glass shaped appearance would be created ie fat curved canopy with a flat top. 

Any works would be subject to planning consent and it would not be guaranteed that it would be granted.  The parish council promised to consult with residents before making a final decision; therefore we propose the following two options: To prune and reduce the height of the trees or to take no maintenance action.

Poll Results
Total web votes: 37
Total postal votes: 2

To take no further action: 43.24%
To prune and reduce height: 56.76%

Thank you for your input.

This consultation closed on 5th March 2012.  Thank you for your patience on this matter.  The councillors will use this information to make their final decision which we hope will be made in the meeting on Monday 5th March, at 7.30pm in St Leonard’s Hall; you are very welcome to attend.