Child of Courage Awards – Stray FM

This is to let everyone know the great news that my son, Logan, has made it to the final 3 of The Child Of Courage Awards with Stray Fm! The awards are at The Cedar Court Hotel on the 10th May but the film crew are coming next Thursday to the village. We live next to the Royal Oak pub.

Logan is 8 years old and has had 37 pneumonias and we are currently waiting for his 24th operation! He was born with Tracheal oesophageal atresia (his food pipe was joined to his lung instead of his stomach)!  His many operations worked but many have failed. He has nearly died so many many times.  He is left with chronic lung disease but never complains and is such a happy, polite loving little boy.

I’m so proud of him and I just want to share this good news with everyone.  We have lived in the village for a year and moved from Markington!


Nicky Durrance