LDF Public Consultation – Flats House

Harrogate Borough Council invite you to make representations on the ‘soundness’ of the proposed plan from

Friday 10th May until Friday 21st June 2013 

Representations should be submitted on the response form which can be printed only from this PDF:


This form includes guidance notes and information about what you can make comments on.

Further information is at (follow links to the Sites & Policies Development Plan Document):


The Parish Council are holding a special meeting to discuss these proposals and how to respond on:

Monday 20th May – St Leonard’s Hall – 7.30pm

Completed forms should be returned to:

Planning Policy Team, Department of Development Services, Harrogate Borough Council, Knapping Mount, West Grove Road, Harrogate  HG1 2AE
or by email to planningpolicy@harrogate.gov.uk

This is your last chance to submit representations on this proposed development which must be received by

4.30pm on Friday 21st June 2013