Parish Council Notes – November 2013

These notes are highlights from the minutes of the Parish Council Meeting on 7th October together with information since the meeting and will be published in the Parish Magazine in November 2013.

The following planning notification has been received and it will be available to view at the next Parish Council meeting:
6.68.43.A.FUL – Erection of 3 single storey extensions and demolition of existing garage at 4 Wigby Close, Burton Leonard.  You can also find the details on the HBC website:

If you are planning a firework display, please be considerate to your neighbours, farmers and land owners.  In particular please be aware of nearby livestock.
Please don’t forget to collect up the rubbish afterwards!

Next meeting
The next meeting of the Parish Council will be held in St Leonard’s Hall on Monday 4th November at 7:30pm, members of the public are invited to raise their concerns and observe the business of the meeting.

The Chairman is Marie Barker

The Clerk is Rebecca Coates, 3 Burnett Close, 677963,