Parish Council Notes – December 2014


The following planning notification has been received and it will be available to view at the next Parish Council meeting on Monday 1 December 2014, at 7.30pm in St Leonard’s Hall, Burton Leonard. DCPARISH 6.68 104.A.FUL For installation of window and garage door, at The Post Office, Copgrove Road, Burton Leonard HG3 3SJ. These plans are available at


NYCC Highways – Road repairs, surface dressing and road markings will take place after at least 7 days from 20 October 2014 at Red Hills Lane, Moor Lane, Knaresborough Road from Burton Leonard to A61 Ripon By Pass will be closed for 10 days patching and 5 days surface dressing and road marking. Also Oucher Lane from Toll House to C377 Red Hills Lane will be closed for 2 days patching, 2 days surface dressing and road markings.Traffic will be prohibitated from using these roads.


Moody Cow Pub

The new manager of the Moody Cow has emailed to say that he welcomes local villagers to park in the car park for public transport and would like to-reintroduce this facility.


Christmas Tree – Councillors would still like to hear your views on whether or not you wish to have a Christmas Tree on the Green? It is probably to late to get a tree up for this year, but we do need to know you views please. So fr we have only had 21 votes.

Yes please

No thanks

Not bothered either way


Dog fouling

Plastic bags with dog mess are continually being left in hedgerows and there is often dog fouling on the pavements. The main reason for dog fouling laws is because dog faeces is unhygienic and a health hazard. Dog fouling is unsightly, unpleasant and can lead to toxocariasis which can cause serious injury and even blindness. Please ensure that you clean up after your dog and put the waste in the bins provided. Incidents can be reported to the Dog Warden on 01423 556633. You do not have to give your name to the Dog Warden when reporting any one not clearing up their dog mess.


Next meeting
The next meeting will be held in St Leonard’s Hall on Monday 1 December 2014 at 7:30pm, members of the public are invited to raise their concerns and observe the business of the meeting.


The Chairman is Mrs Marie Barker

The Clerk is Mrs Sybil Whiting,

17 Grosvenor Park, Boroughbridge Road,


01765 698565                     email