Parish Council – December 2015

NYCC – Proposed reductions to Bus service Subsidy to the Burton Leonard Local Bus Service

There will be a full NYCC Council meeting on 8th December 2015, to discuss the proposed reductions to the local bus service.



continue to be a serious problem, if you know of any potholes or part of a road in the village that needs Highways to send an Engineer to assess the condition, please either contact the Parish Clerk on (01765) 698565 or contact Customer Services at NYCC on 0845 872 7374


Christmas Tree

Councillors have agreed to place a Christmas Tree with LED lights on it, on the Low Green to add to the enjoyment of the Festive Season. This is a trial for this year and will only be repeated if residents think its worthwhile and benefits the village.


The next Parish Meeting will be held on Monday, December 7th 2015, 7.30 pm in St. Leonard’s Hall, Burton Leonard.


The Clerk is Ms. Sybil Whiting,

17 Grosvenor Park, Boroughbridge Road, Ripon, HG4 1UF

(01765) 698 565, e-mail: