Loxley Phase 2

Good afternoon All

In an attempt to eliminate any confusion regarding the status of the new planning applications, variations to existing planning applications and the deadlines to get our representations in I spoke with Andy Hough, one of the HBC case officers involved with Loxley’s applications. He confirmed that the extension to the deadline that has been granted to BLPC applies to all. However saying this he did then say it is preferable to get representations in ASAP.

BLOG’s Planning Consultant, Richard, is drafting group objections to all of the various applications that are in at the moment. About half of these require input from other professionals, these people have all been commissioned and their input is expected soon. Once these inputs have been received from the other consultants Richard will be producing a guide for the village to use to make representations on the Loxley 2 planning application.

It is recommended that you get at least one representation against Loxley phase 2 from your household in now, meeting their official deadline. Use the last representation that you used for Loxley phase 1 including all the previous points focusing on the unsustainability. This is top priority.

Then when we get the consolidated objection from BLOG it is recommended that you put another representation in from your household using the advice given in the consolidated objection, using another household member.

The various changes on Loxley phase 1 are technical in nature and best handled by technical responses from BLPC and BLOG, and the deadlines are short, so if your time is short don’t waste it on these, however if you have the time there is nothing wrong in submitting representations on these too.
Best regards
Keith Townson