Burton Leonard Parish Council – Planning Issues

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We, Burton Leonard Parish Council (BLPC), thought it prudent that we should bring you up to date with all that  we are doing to address the various planning developments. Burton Leonard continues to be targeted by opportune developers. It is important that villagers consider the cumulative effect of what is happening and how the village is in danger of losing its identity. The attached jpg file is an overall view of the developments. The village already has a real major issue with flooding and sewage, and the drainage strategies proposed are not accurate nor robust enough to ensure the village is not impacted further.


BLPC has been extremely active assessing/making inputs/representations/objections on many Loxley Homes Phase 1 changes to the planning conditions that have recently proposed by Loxley Homes (such as proposed drainage, highways, house type designs and materials of construction) since BLPC has evaluated them and found them either deficient or negative. The links for these are shown in the FURTHER ACTIONS REQUESTED OF VILLAGERS section below. If you can remember these were conditions imposed on Loxley Homes by the Secretary of State’s Planning Inspector. It is incumbent on us all to ensure these planning conditions imposed on Loxley Homes are adhered to.

Due to a diligent villager who found the site being cleared and who urgently brought it to our attention, work has now stopped on site until the planning conditions are met in full. The planning condition breached in this particular case was that all specified highway works have to be done before any other work is done on site.  If you feel strongly about this please fill in an enforcement form using the link below.. The relevant Planning code for this site is 16/01869/FULMAJ  and the address is Flats House, Scarah Lane. HG3 3RS



Planning enforcement | Planning enforcement | Harrogate Borough Council

Planning enforcement information. The planning system respects people’s freedom to use or alter their property as they wish, within certain rules.



Regarding the Loxley Homes Phase 2 planning application, BLPC is re-evaluating its original objections from 2016 to Loxley Home’s previously withdrawn Phase 2 application and there is nothing presented by Loxley Homes in support of its re-application (nor in relation to Loxley Home’s Phase 1 planning appeal success) that changes the BLPC’s 2016 assessment.

All villagers are respectfully requested to URGENTLY object to Loxley Homes Phase 2 planning application. The official deadline for this has been extended and villagers are requested to get their representations in ASAP.

So this is for, Outline application for the erection of 37 dwellinghouses with access considered. Ref. No. 19/00068/OUTMAJ, Flats House, Scarah Lane, Burton Leonard, HG3 3RS.

Please use link: https://uniformonline.harrogate.gov.uk/online-applications/caseDetails.do?action=dispatch&keyVal=PL0VYKHYIJR00&caseType=Application


Jomast’s planning application is back with the developer for further work on the application – especially in relation to drainage, archaeology and affordable housing component.


BLPC fully appreciate that this is very frustrating work and many villagers have become disenfranchised because they don’t feel that their voice is being heard. Please, your representations matter. Please get them in.

Even though some official deadlines may have passed, villagers are respectfully requested to review and to object to the variations, there is still time.  At the time of going to press there are five (5) of them, but it would be great if we could get some representations against these two below.

Variation 1 has changes to the design of the houses such that the new designs have no architectural merit, just square boxes and red brick instead of limestone

Variation 2 means that all the road improvements will not have to be done until the end of the construction of the development with huge road safety ramifications.

1.            Application for the variation of condition 2 (approved plans) of planning permission 16/01869/FULMAJ to allow alterations to approved house types.  Ref. No: 19/00324/DVCMAJ, please use link: https://uniformonline.harrogate.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?keyVal=PLSNZEHYIOR00&activeTab=summary

2.            Variation of conditions 14, 16, 17 and 18 of planning permission 16/01869/FULMAJ to allow highway works to be completed prior to occupation rather than prior to commencement of works. Ref. No: 19/00286/DVCMAJ please use link: https://uniformonline.harrogate.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?keyVal=PLQTAVHYIO900&activeTab=summary

As a footnote, if you do only do one representation please make it against the Loxley Homes Phase 2 planning application.

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Keith Townson
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