Subject: PROPOSAL: Partial demolition of Primrose House, demolition of commercial buildings and erection of 30 dwellings with alterations to access, LOCATION:Primrose House Copgrove Road Burton Leonard Harrogate HG3 3SR, APP NUMBER:19/03854/FULMAJ

Good evening Burton Leonard residents
Burton Leonard Parish Council (BLPC), like many from the village who made representations, supported the original proposal for the development of the Alfred Hymas site.
Subsequently BLPC were then requested to respond to, what was at the time, the latest Wharfedale Homes amendment to the Alfred Hymas site redevelopment proposals by 28th October. BLPC responded on 26th October with an objection based upon the following grounds.
Surface Water Drainage
BLPC has consistently raised concerns on surface water drainage during the last 3-4 years in connection with various Planning Applications to the south/east of the village from Loxley Homes and Jomast Developments. These relate to uncertainty and lack of detail in all proposals (and the current Hymas site proposal seems no different and potentially uses the same drainage ‘assets’) as to how surface water will be ultimately disposed of.
There is considerable potential for cumulative impacts (even allowing for attenuation on individual sites) on either the existing surface water system and properties served by it and/or combined foul sewer if the latter was to be the ultimate solution under the Drainage Hierarchy. NYCC LLFA, Swale and Ure Drainage Board and Yorkshire Water have also set out their own ‘technical’ objections over the past 3-4 years on each of the various Planning Applications. Drawing on local experience, BLPC therefore concurs with the inputs from these other Statutory Consultees – and especially those made by NYCC LLFA in its input to this Planning Application BLPC concludes that insufficient detailed information has been provided regarding the impact upon flood risk and drainage from the current Hymas site proposals.
It has not been satisfactorily demonstrated, in the form of a hydrological assessment, that the proposal would not have an adverse effect on receiving drainage networks. It is also BLPC’s great concern that if this development is allowed to go ahead without a hydrological assessment then other developers would ask for the same relaxation of such a condition. (The already approved nearby ‘Loxley Homes Phase 1’ using the same drainage ‘asset’ being the most obvious example).
Parking and Traffic Impacts
There is inadequate parking provision in the development when consideration is given to each home having at probably two cars for personal use as well as visitors from time to time. Development will be totally reliant upon the home owners having multiple cars as there are very limited bus services serving the village (the village is fortunate to have a service – but it is a roughly ‘every 2 hours daytime service’ Monday to Saturday with poor timings relative to a normal working day for those wishing to commute to work).
There are, of course, no employment opportunities in the village to mitigate travel in the context of the additional housing growth in the current proposal.
There are no parking facilities in the village or road-side parking to accommodate any extra vehicles that ‘spill over’ from the developed site and the existing almost bumper to bumper parking on the village’s road arteries mean that at times it is a very hazardous village to drive through. The further increase in peak-time traffic flow will also impact already difficult junctions – such as at Wormald Green turning onto the A61 where Station Lane joins.
Details of materials and finishes are limited but it seems clear from layout plans that they are likely to be of inferior quality (notably the use of Eternit Rivendale slates and Wienerberger Shire Pantiles throughout and with no guarantee that ‘real’ stone (as opposed to ‘Marshallite’ reconstituted) will be used on any properties. The development site lies within (in part) or adjacent to the village’s conservation area. If HBC is minded to grant planning permission then a planning condition within any approval should be for use of ‘real’ stone (without substitution), variations in brick stock to blend with surrounding vernaculars, mix of ‘real’ slate and ‘real’ clay pantiles.”
Wharfedale Homes continue to submit amendments, there have been many changes to the original proposal, the very latest being 7th November and it is difficult and confusing keeping abreast of them. BLPC are working on the response to be sent by 15th November.
BLPC have been invited to speak at the HBC Planning Committee Meeting to be held on 19th November 2019, starting at 2:00pm at the Council Chamber, Civic Centre, St Luke’s Avenue, Harrogate HG1 2AE.
We fully appreciate that this is very short notice however we respectfully request that you submit representations voicing any concerns that you may have to HBC by 15th November.
Any questions please do not hesitate to contact anyone on the BLPC.
Many thanks