Burton Leonard Gardening Club (BLGC) – Mayfest Stall and Next Meeting

On the Monday of the May Fest, Monday May 7th, there will be, as in the past, a plant stall.  Should anyone have some spare plants, then BLGC would be pleased to accept them for sale on the day.

The next meeting  of the  BLGC will be on Wednesday 9th May at 7:30 pm in Saint Leonard’s Hall. This will include a talk by Rachel Benson on ‘Living the good life?’ Rachel runs the gem of a forest garden at Old Sleningford Farm part of the Old Sleningford Hall estate just five miles outside Ripon. The garden produces tonnes of fruit each year, is home to hundreds of trees and countless birds and insects and requires minimal maintenance. The forest garden mimics immature woodland in which all plants are edible or useful. Food crops occupy every available space, including under the ground, on the ground and as bushes, trees and climbers.

Rachel says that when people hear what they do a usual reaction is that they are living the good life, but are they? You decide! She’ll tell us who, what, why and how they do things at the farm, the people, the animals, the gardens and produce from them. You’ll then have the chance to taste some of the preserves made with the produce they grow, blind tasting as they make unusual combinations as well as more traditional jams and chutneys.

One Night Only

Burton Leonard Dramatic Society




Sketches by Frank Gibbons & Damian Trasler. Songs from BLDS repertoire

A social evening with entertainment and food

At the Village Hall on 24th March 2018

Doors open at 7pm. Food served at 7.30pm

Tickets £10 from the Village Shop

Contacts for activities and classes



Contacts for activities and classes

Art with Bryan: Bryan on (01423) 522 851

Brownies with Sarah: Sarah on 677 123

Indoor Bowls with Martin (Aut/Winter): Martin on 676 026

Keep Fit with Ian: Ian on (07917) 331 486

Leisure Club & Women’s Institute: Lesley on 677 716

Pilates: Intermediate/Advanced with private Instructor. For more information, please contact Zita on 676 960

Yoga with Jane: Jane on (07739) 417 165

Yoga with Sarah: Sarah on (01423) 711 350

Zumba® with Lidia: Lidia on (07519) 419 165