There are two related processes which you may wish to respond to.

  1. The LDF core strategy
  2. Proposed development sites

Both of these require that responses are received by Harrogate Borough Council by Friday 21st July.

    1. The LDF core strategy

The core strategy will determine in what types of location development will take place. It will define what proportion of the 400 houses per year will be built in the urban centers of Harrogate/Knaresbrough/Ripon, what proportion in the market towns (Boroughbridge/Masham/Pately Bridge) and what proportion will be built in the villages (thats us!).

The current favoured proposal will result in 26% of houses being built in the villages. Click on the ldf page link for more info.

    1. Proposed development sites

Once the distibution of the new development has been decided things will move on to the actual sites to be used. Harrogate Borough Council are currently inviting landowners and developers to propose sites for development. Because they are still accepting proposals, the maps shown may not be accurate. It is quite possible for other landowners to propose additional sites. We are investigating how we can make sure that we know about these sites before the consultation period ends.

Click on the Proposed development page link for maps.

The Parish Council has been asked for its views on two topics

  1. Where should the development line be drawn around the village
  2. What land around the village might be suitable for new housing or businesses