LDF – Jan 2013

Harrogate Borough Council are currently developing a Local Development Framework or LDF. This framework will set out the strategic approach to development in the area up until the year 2021.

We have now been notified that the consultation period for these proposals has been put back to 10th May to 21st June 2013.  However, some objections and comments have recently been collated.  Here are some details about the proposed development:

Name: RL3032a – Land at Flatts House (North), Burton Leonard

Proposed use: Housing – Market and Affordable

Capacity: 40 dwellings

Gross Area: 1.49 Ha (3.68 acres)

Public Consultation:10 May to 21st June 2013

Harrogate Borough Council Website: http://www.harrogate.gov.uk

Contact: 01423 556585

The majority of the site is in agricultural use. The southwest portion currently forms a large rear garden or paddock to an existing dwelling. A small part of the site to the far west is within the development limit. The development limit borders the remaining part of the site to the north. Extensive views across open countryside to the east, south and west. There are a number of mature trees scattered on the west and north of the site. Access could be gained via Scarah Lane or the small residential development to the northwest.

The following link directs you towards information that was produced as part of the Rural Areas Consultation 2010. This was the most recent public consultation regarding site allocations in rural locations. During this consultation the preferred site allocation for Burton Leonard was site RL3040, however since the consultation the land owner has advised that the land is no longer available. Site RL3032a is considered to be the next most sustainable site in accordance with the Council’s site selection methodology and will feature in the next public consultation as the draft development site. The document Assessment of Site Options Birstwith to Cundall provides information on all sites that have been considered in Burton Leonard. Below this section the document Selection of Preferred Site Options – A Methodology Paper provides information of how sites have scored. Please be aware that it is no longer possible to comment upon this information as the consultation period closed some time ago.


Before the Sites and Policies DPD is submitted to the Secretary of State for an Independent Examination it will be subject to a final stage of public consultation (Publication Consultation) from 10 May to 21 June 2013. This will be the next and final opportunity to comment upon the proposed plan. HBC will contact you directly at the start of the consultation with information about how to respond.

Following Publication Consultation and consideration of the responses received, the Council is scheduled to submit the plan to the Secretary of State in Autumn 2013.  The Examination of the document is scheduled for Spring 2014 and adoption Summer 2014.

Recent feedback from HBC has also confirmed that with regard to vehicular access to this site NYCC Highways have stated that in order to deliver residential development on this site major funding would be required to improve the roads to serve the site and that it is anticipated this would involve the purchase of additional land to widen the roads.


Click on the following link for the latest newsletter DS-P-LDF_Newsletter_Aug11 – August 2011.

The development of the framework has been mandated by the government.

The first stage is now underway. Each house in the village should have received a copy of the newspaper pamphlet ‘Planning the future with us’. It seems however that many households have not had this delivered. There are a few copies in the village shop, or it can be downloaded from the HBC website here. (acrobat/pdf document 1.4mb)

It is expected that the region will need 400 new houses every year up until 2021. Some of those 400 houses will come from individual planning applications as has been the case so far. ie small developments (The Orchards?) and individual new builds. Some will also come from the redevelopment of existing sites. An estimate of the number of properties which might come from these sources between 2004 and 2009 may be found here..

To summarize
Harrogate 209 houses/year
Knaresborough 53 houses/year
Ripon 91 houses/year
Boroughbridge 20 houses/year
Masham 6 houses/year
Pately Bridge 6 houses/year
Group B & C villages 58 houses/year
Other (barn conversions etc) 69 houses/year

which all comes to more than the estimated 400 houses per year needed in the future. However the document quoted goes on to suggest that these number provide a reasonable estimate of the distribution of housing development which might be expected in the early years of the LDF.

One problem of course is that the small developments in villages so far have tended to be using small areas of land within the development line. In Burton Leonard most such small areas have now been built on.

For the purposes of the LDF, the area has been split into the major urban centres, market towns, group B villages and group C villages.

Burton Leonard has been placed as one of eleven group B villages. These villages are those which are thought to be suitable for development by virtue of very good access to jobs, shops and services. Harrogate council will discuss the potential for residential and business development with these villages.

Group C villages (thirty-three of those) have reasonable access to jobs, services and shops. These villages can expect small scale developments of 100% affordable housing.

There are a further seventy-six villages which are not expected to have any extra development.