Strategic Objectives

The LDF Core Strategy Objectives are as follows


Settlement Growth

  1. To seek the use of previously developed land within the District’s six largest settlements in preference to greenfield land

  2. Subject to the provision of appropriate traffic measures and new infrastructure and notwithstanding objective 6, to focus the District’s growth in the town of Harrogate

  3. To ensure that Ripon, Knaresborough, Boroughbridge, Masham and Pateley Bridge are the main focus for housing, developing local services and employment in the rural areas

  4. To provide small scale housing growth in the District’s smaller settlements to meet local needs and support local services without increasing long distance commuting

  5. To manage the release of land for housing to control the pattern and speed of growth in accordance with the regional spatial strategy and the provision of infrastructure

  6. To reduce the annual rate of house building compared to the past

  7. Homes for Local People

  8. To secure the provision of housing for local people, and in particular the provision of affordable housing for local people is maximised

  9. Jobs and Business

  10. To promote a robust and varied economy for the benefit of local people

  11. To significantly improve the prospects of the rural and market town economy, including the diversification of the agricultural industry

  12. To provide an adequate, but not excessive supply of readily available employment land to meet identified employment needs

  13. To protect and enhance the conference and exhibition business District’s town centres, conference business and holiday tourism, and the digital and food cluster industries

  14. Travel

  15. To retain and improve access for all, particularly those in rural areas, to key services: health, education, employment, food shopping, community facilities, recreation and tourism

  16. To integrate development and transport provision and locate development where it is accessible to key services and facilities and a range of transport modes

  17. To improve the provision of bus and rail services and facilities, pedestrian and cycle networks, community transport schemes, park and ride and traffic management measures

  18. to reduce traffic congestion within the District with priority given to Harrogate and Knaresborough

  19. The Environment

  20. To protect the countryside and greenbelt from inappropriate development

  21. To provide enhanced care for the environment, with particular emphasis on the reduction of waste and CO2 emissions, climate change and renewable energy

  22. To protect and enhance the built and natural environment, including landscape character, giving special protection towards those areas and buildings of recognised importance To encourage exemplar design quality which minimises impact on the environment, particularly in sensitive areas

  23. Residents and Communities

  24. To reduce crime, anti-social behaviour and the fear of crime

  25. To increase work, housing, cultural and leisure opportunities for young people

  26. To reduce social isolation for the elderly and those with long term health disadvantage

  27. To improve accessibility to services and improvements in the quality of life in areas of the