(or how to respond)

  1. LDF Strategic Option
  2. It may that you believe that the ‘preferred’ option is not the best option. You may comment on or object to individual paragraphs in the Development Plan Document as well as to the choice of preferred option. Please use a separate form for each submission. Please include with your submission a request to be notified that the DPD (Development Plan Document) has been submitted to the Secretary of State and of the adoption of the DPD. The response form is available here (pdf) and here (MS word).

    One fundamental issue with the area categories is the ‘rural’ area. This is not a distinct geographic area but rather a general everywhere else category. The information available on the need for rural housing seems to be in conflict with the choice of the category B & C villages. Different set of criteria are used for the nomination of the rural area as needing 26% of the new housing, and the actual selection of where to put that housing. This will mean that if the current preferred solution is pushed through then new housing will not necessarily be where it is needed.

    Details of the distribution of the 978 afforable houses can be found in Annex 1 (page 17) of this document.

  3. Burton Leonard’s inclusion as a category B village
  4. This is because Burton Leonard is considered a sustainable village. This is by virtue of very good transport links, employment and local facilities. Leaving aside the fact that ‘very good transport links’ obviously means something very different to HBC to its normal meaning, I feel that there is a strong argument that if HBC are keen on increasing the sustainability of villages in rural areas then they should be concentrating on increasing the sustainability of borderline or failing communities rather than overdeveloping existing communities.

  5. Individual proposed sites
  6. You may comment on the suitability of each proposed site for open market housing, affordable housing, employment use or a mix of these.

    You may also propose other sites in and around the village which you believe are suitable for these purposes.

    You are also invited to identify areas of open space which are important for visual, historic, wildlife, amenity or recreational reasons. So this might be a good time to pipe up about the crested newts in the pond.

    The form to use to respond to individual site proposals is here.

    In considering an individual site attention could be drawn to the lack of infrastructure. Roads and footpaths around BL are already inadequate for the existing size of the village and many of the proposed sites have their own particular problems. In addition we know that the water and drainage systems have problems. I have also been told that a substantial number of villagers are having ongoing problems with the telephone lines working at all, and broadband provision is lacking.