Proposed development sites


These maps show the various sites which have been proposed for development within the village. You have until 4:30pm on Friday 21st July to comment on these sites (or indeed any other sites that you feel may be suitable).

Harrogate Council are keen to to make the point that these sites have not been selected by the council. They have been proposed by the landowners or the landowners agents or developers.

“Please note the Council is not proposing any of these sites for development. At this stage the Council is merely asking for comments about their development potential as required by Government regulations.”

But also

In addition to the sites that we are already aware of,
you may wish to put forward other sites for
consideration. This is your opportunity to do so.

The full documents may be found here.

The covering document is here (940kb pdf).

Although strictly relating to the urban centres Harrogate Borough Council have also produced a criteria for evaluating housing sites.  See the full document here.

1 Location within walking distance of a bus stop on the Key Bus Network or a station or rail halt on the Leeds Harrogate York Rail Line. Positive up to 400m to bus stop (less than 5min walk/ ¼ mile) Negative Over 400m to bus stop (more than 5min walk/ ¼ mile)
2 Location close to cycle networks. Positive site located on cycle network (existing or proposed) Negative site not located on cycle network (existing or proposed)
3 Walking Distance to nearest primary school Positive up to 800m (up to a10min walk/just under half a mile) Negative more than 800m (more than 10min walk/more than half a mile)
4 Walking distance to nearest major area of employment (six town centres and best/good urban sites as defined in the jobs and businesses chapter) Positive up to 1200m (15 min walk/about ¾ mile) Negative more than 1200m (more than15 min walk/about ¾ mile)
5 Walking distance to nearest GP surgery
6 Distance to nearest supermarket or local shopping centre as defined in the Harrogate District Local Plan Positive up to 800m (up to a10min walk/just under half a mile) Negative over 800m (more than 10min walk/over half a mile)

it has been concluded that any future residents of housing on this site would be able to easily access services and commute to work by non car modes of transport. These are draft guidelines for measuring site accessibility for housing and may be refined following this consultation exercise. They have been used in the Initial Site Assessments for the Housing and Employment Land Allocations DPD.

The Maps

The thick line surrounding the village on these maps is the existing development line. Currently no development is permitted outside this boundary. Part of this consultation relates to possible redefinition of this limit.
First the whole village.

villageA detailed look at the Peter Lane / Sportsfield area.
peter lane

A detailed look at the Hymas yard.

A detailed look at the ‘horse field’.

A detailed look at the birkhills / cemetary site.