Harrogate District Local Plan : Receipt of Inspectors Report

Harrogate District Local Plan : Receipt of Inspectors Report

As you may know, the Harrogate District Local Plan (Publication Draft) was submitted for examination on the 31st August 2018 and following the hearing sessions in January 2019, necessary changes to make the plan sound were identified and published for consultation between 26 July and 6 September 2019. The responses to this consultation were considered by the Planning Inspector as part of the ongoing examination process and we are pleased to advise that the council have now received the Inspector’s Report.  The Inspectors Report and the Schedule of Main Modifications can be read on the Councils website at https://www.harrogate.gov.uk/info/20101/planning_policy_and_the_local_plan/1159/harrogate_district_local_plan_examination

The Inspector concludes that the Harrogate District Local Plan is sound subject to the modifications  published and consulted on over the summer.  The key headlines of his report are;

•        The overall provision of housing (637 dwellings per annum) reflects a soundly based assessment of the district’s housing needs.

•        The principle and broad location of the New Settlement are found to be sound.

•        The Inspector is satisfied with the proposed housing allocations (as modified, i.e. with sites deleted in AONB, Pannal etc. as per his initial letter).

•        The overall employment strategy and allocations (subject so to site at reduction at Pannal (PN18) as modified) are found to be sound.

•        The Inspector concluded that exceptional circumstances existed to warrant the allocation of three permanent G&T sites within the Green Belt.


•        The Plan meets all of the legal requirements, including sustainability appraisal and duty to cooperate.

It is now envisaged that the final plan will be presented to Cabinet and Council in early March for a decision to adopt


If you have any queries please contact the Policy and Place Team on 01423 556586 or email planningpolicy@harrogate.gov.uk

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Executive Officer Policy and Place

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Several incidents involving a dog attacking other dogs as well as one member of the public

Burton Leonard Parish Council (BLPC) is aware of several incidents involving a dog attacking other dogs as well as one member of the public.

We are also receiving reports from worried residents, parent and grandparents, involving an out of control dog attacking other dogs, dog owners and sometimes both together.

It is clear that when this particular dog is allowed to roam free through the village it is a threat to the safety of the public and other dogs. We are particularly concerned that there have been reports that a dangerous dog has been spotted in the vicinity of the school and it’s even worse to contemplate children being attacked.

Of course this cannot be allowed to continue. It’s a criminal offence to allow any dog (i.e. of any breed or type) to be dangerously out of control in a public place or a place to where it is not allowed and as it is the police enforce the Dangerous Dogs Act which includes provisions for dogs which are dangerously out of control, BLPC have been in contact with our local community police.

To act the police need evidence so we’re requesting villagers who’ve experienced an attack from any dog to detail their experiences so that these can be catalogued and presented to the police as evidence.

A dog can be regarded as being dangerously out of control on any occasion where it causes fear or apprehension to a person that it may injure them, if it attacks another person’s animal or if the owner of an animal thinks that they could be injured trying to stop the dog attacking their animal. Furthermore, if that dog does injure a person then the offence is aggravated. Legal action may be taken against the owner and/or the person in charge of the dog at the time.

If a dog has been established as dangerously out of control the police have the power to act early to prevent dog attacks before they occur. These measures could include; attending dog training classes, repairing fencing to their property to prevent the dog escaping or requiring the dog to be muzzled when out in public.

If you or your dog has been attacked by another dog, try to supply as many details as you can about the dog. Note the colour, size, breed, markings and collar colour of the dog and, if safe to do so, take a photo.  It is important to collect this information and then report the attack to the police as soon as possible.


Date: Fri, 09 Aug 2019 09:34:46 +0000 (UTC)
From: consult@objective.co.uk
Following the start of the consultation on the Main Modifications to the Harrogate District Local Plan, the Council is running an additional consultation on Main Modification MM162a: Phasing, Delivery and Windfall allowance.  This will run from 9 August until 20 September.  This is necessary as this Main Modification was omitted from the schedule. The accompanying Sustainability Appraisal has also been updated.
In light of this, the Cabinet Member for Planning has made the decision to extend the existing consultation period on the Main Modifications, associated documents and the additional Sustainability Appraisal work on the broad locations for growth to ensure that the consultations are aligned.
The consultation for all documents will now finish at 4.30pm on Friday 20 September 2019.
All documents and details of how to respond to the consultation can be found at https://consult.harrogate.gov.uk/portal/
If you have any queries please contact the Planning Policy Team on 01423 556586 or email planningpolicy@harrogate.gov.uk

Burton Leonard Bowls Club vandalism and break-in

Between the 7th. & 9th. Burton Leonard Bowls Club suffered vandalism and break-in of equipment sheds. The locks on both the toilet were forced and have had to be replaced. The doors on the sheds were jemmied open after the padlocks were cut.( angle grinder??) New hasps and padlocks have now been fitted. The cost to the bowls club, when you include labour, is in excess of £220.
If you have any information or see anything suspicious on the sports field please report it to P.C. Matt Cockerill on the police 101 number, or tell a member of the sports field trust.

M. Scott
Burton Leonard Bowls Club.