Don’t forget the Dramatic Society’s coffee morning at St Leonard’s Hall tomorrow morning, Saturday, 22nd September, at 10 am.

Don’t forget the coffee morning at St Leonard’s Hall tomorrow morning, Saturday, 22nd September, at 10 am. You can get your tickets for the Dramatic Society’s seasonal extravaganza, together with cakes for sale and a great raffle.


Village Hall car park Saturday 22nd Sept

May I politely ask that the village hall car park is cleared of residents cars on Saturday morning. (22nd) We are erecting the marquee in preparation for the Ceilidh.
Please pass this info on to any neighbours it may concern.

Many thanks for your cooperation

Louise Fields

Burton Leonard Bowls Club vandalism and break-in

Between the 7th. & 9th. Burton Leonard Bowls Club suffered vandalism and break-in of equipment sheds. The locks on both the toilet were forced and have had to be replaced. The doors on the sheds were jemmied open after the padlocks were cut.( angle grinder??) New hasps and padlocks have now been fitted. The cost to the bowls club, when you include labour, is in excess of £220.
If you have any information or see anything suspicious on the sports field please report it to P.C. Matt Cockerill on the police 101 number, or tell a member of the sports field trust.

M. Scott
Burton Leonard Bowls Club.

Update to Massive increase in Heavy Goods Traffic destined for Scotton driving through Burton Leonard.

I received a telephone call earlier today from North Yorkshire Police Chief Constable’s Office. He informed me that due to a number of complaints and near misses reported on the roads from the A61 into Burton Leonard (Station Lane), and from Burton Leonard to Copgrove (Copgrove Road), the police will be monitoring all traffic approaching the village. He also suggested that the HGV traffic may well go on until mid August as the work was only half completed.

Please be mindful of speed limits on roads around the village and please spread the word.

Keith Townson